Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello, World

Just posting an introduction.

Hello, world.

Allow me to introduce ~drumroll~ Mr. Reynolds, Nights Raven, Kallista Pendragon, and myself! ~applause~.

Speaking of applauding for someone you don't know, one time, my brother and I were at this live theater for a musical, and out of the blue, everyone started clapping. My brother and I joined in, having no idea why, before we realized we were clapping for someone who showed up, walking across the stage- a rather short hairless fellow. Suddenly, my brother was yelling, "YAAY! A little bald man!!!" and clapping vigorously. This little man ended up being, of course, the conductor.

Back to the point, the four of us were noticing how many holidays there are, and how few we celebrate. Therefore, we have made this blog for the sole purpose of celebrating some of those stray, largely unknown holidays, and give them a round of applesauce [and applause] as well.

It's both for kicks, and for the act of celebrating more than a few times a year. If you follow us, enjoy pictures and videos and stories and who-knows-what else for the entirety of twenty-fourteen [typing that out so you all know how to properly pronounce "2014"]. It's gonna be fun, not to mention entirely epica.

Until next time, this is Skyril, signing out.