Friday, January 24, 2014


Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day everyone!

Remember, its Beer Can Appreciation Day, NOT Drink Beer on a Can day!
It's all about the CAN! Not the brew! (although it is becoming an art of it's own, the private brewing of beer among the peoples)


But today we look at the glorious art of the can. Maybe no one here likes the taste of beer, (and you should not really even know what it taste like) >;P
However the art of the can and the name of the companies can be entertaining all themselves!

Hmmm....Castle, that reminds me of something. But what is it?

Here are some pictures of innovative people who have used their love of beer cans in a productive way.

I guess beer bottles can be pretty too! :D
*hands everyone a butterbeer in a can and slurps noisily from her own*

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  1. Wow! That car looked cool! Must have taken a long time to make that...
    Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day!!