Monday, January 13, 2014


'bout time I had a go at posting on this :) Today I'd like to celebrate CLEAN OFF YOUR DESK DAY!

(I don't really know if there should be a 'happy' in front of that cos it's more of a chore than something to be celebrated but oh well)

To celebrate this day, you need to set aside at least five minutes to get all that junk off your desk. Go on, do it. Yes, those dirty dinner plates and empty glasses that you've had there all week. Yes, the random pieces of paper lying around that have terrifying things madly scrawled all over. And God yes, the cat that has decided that your keyboard is a comfortable place to fjdkllwoeijaljkawlldjk dammit

Moving on.

After you clear all of this junk, and only after, you may begin to celebrate another holiday that occurs on the 14th. Ratification day is one of them, but bah, Dressing Up Your Pet Day seems a hell of a lot cooler, dontcha think? ;P

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